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Clearsky Prism

Prism Irish Red Ale pays homage to a traditional Irish beer style and brings it up to date. Brewed with Irish malt for caramel & toffee notes, Prism is lightly hopped for a soft fruit taste; the roasted barley offers a luscious red colour. The finish is clean. Prism is a versatile beer for food matching. When considering food flavours to match steer towards roasted or grilled meats.  The roasted malt flavours of the beer compliment smokey and gamey flavours well. For a treat match with roast pheasant. Irish red ale originated in Ireland and is a variation of typical English pale ale. The 3 differing elements in the brew - roasted barley for colour, reduced hopping & a malt forward approach define this beer style. A Prism is a 3 dimensional object that refracts light. A prism changes how we see things, alters our outlook, makes us look beyond the obvious. Prism Irish Red Ale makes us take a second look, challenges our perspective and gives a new dimension in Irish Red Ale. Enjoy.

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Northern Ireland